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Kristiaan Caluwaerts

Kristiaan Caluwaerts has been an attorney at the Bar of Brussels and Antwerp since 1993. He is active in the broader context of -business law, commercial law and real estate.

Mr. Caluwaerts concentrates on corporate law such as M&A, corporate housekeeping, director's liability, shareholders conflicts as well as commercial law which includes insolvency law, commercial contracts and distribution law.

He has 25 years of experience in advisory work as well as in litigation across all Belgian courts.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts focuses on a professional and commercial client base that ranges from SMEs up to large multinationals.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts has extensive experience in M&A. Over the past years Kristiaan Caluwaerts is engaged as counsel assisting both national and international sellers/buyers in several sectors in deals with a value up to 250 M euro. Kristiaan Caluwaerts manages –five to six big restructuring cases in Belgium per year and has experience as liquidator of companies nominated by shareholders.  His knowledge of corporate litigation matters is extensive. Depending on the type of deal, an adequate team of lawyers with the relevant competences is set up.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts also has extensive experience in real estate transactions and is legal adviser to various large construction companies and SMEs in the real estate area. Kristiaan Caluwaerts' experience in these areas is wide and extends from advice to conducting and leading negotiations, due diligence activities, assistance in mediation and arbitration up to the conflict management through legal proceedings for all Belgian courts.

Internationally, Kristiaan Caluwaerts is member of the executive committee of LawExchange International and he is accustomed to interacting with international clients and cross-border proceedings and advices.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts has studied at the University of Antwerp, where he graduated in 1993 as Master of Law. His keen interest and motivation led Kristiaan Caluwaerts to obtain an additional diploma of ‘Master in Business Law' at the University of Antwerp in 1996 and a third ‘Master in Company Law' at the Catholic University Brussels in 1999.As part of his professional activities, Kristiaan Caluwaerts has an educational mandate at the Antwerp Artesis Plantijn University College where he lectures Company Law in Postgraduate Fiscal Studies, in collaboration with the Belgian Chamber of Accountants, and a regular speaker at and organizer of seminars.

As part of his professional activities, Kristiaan Caluwaerts often organizes seminars for clients and accountants in collaboration with the Belgian Chamber of Accountants.

Aside from his work, Kristiaan Caluwaerts has a very committed association and social life. Amongst others, he is a member of the Flemish enterprise network VOKA and President of the Link26 business network of Berchem.

Last but not least, Kristiaan Caluwaerts is one of the founding partners of the law firm Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven (established in the year 2001) together with Prof. Dr. Kristof Uytterhoeven.