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Joachim Lebeer

Joachim Lebeer graduated as a Master of Law at the University of Antwerp in June 2017.

During his Master's program, he studied public and administrative law and developed a keen interest in environmental law in the broadest sense (spatial planning, urban planning and environmental law) and public procuremen. 

As part of an international exchange program, he continued his studies at the Université de Perpignan Via Domitia in Narbonne (France).

He began his traineeship at the Brussels Bar in October 2017.

During his internship at the Bar, he further deepened his knowledge of environmental law in the spatial sense (spatial planning, urbanism and the environment) and public procurement.

Joachim Lebeer joined the firm in January 2020 and has been a member of the Antwerp Bar since that date. He strengthens the field of environmental and construction law in general under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Kristof Uytterhoeven.